'Disappearing Friends' Project

Living Well with Dementia This was performed at the theatre in 2015


'Disappearing Friends'

A newly commissioned play by Hamilton Wilson


Disappearing Friends IMAGE


Directed by Tom O'Sullivan

Performed by Mel Sessions, Peter Sessions, Tracie Harris and Joe Nemeth



This play was written to support current campaigns raising awareness about dementia. Based on true stories, the four short scenes depict the problems a family must face when a mother is diagnosed with dementia and the understanding that develops between them. Medical professionals explain the points that are being illustrated and there will be an opportunity for questions and discussion at the end of the play.


Watch footage now - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfuNgKECaeA


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Supported by Town Close Charitable Trust, The Geoffrey Watling Charity, Norfolk and Suffolk Dementia Alliance, The Hostry Festival, Maddermarket Theatre and University of East Anglia Drama Department.