THE BORROWERS By Mary Norton adapted by Charles Way

Rehearsals from Monday 10th November 2014
Predominantly Monday to Friday 7pm to 22pm
Opens Friday 19th December runs to Saturday 3rd January 2015
Please check performance times in the brochure before applying toaudition as theydo include somematinee pefrormances
A cast of 8 is required 5 male 3 female
Initial audition is on Monday 11th August in The Maddermarket bar with 15 minute slots between 5.00pm and 9.00pm.Possible recalls thereafter
For further infortmation please contact the dirtector Peter Sowerbutts Or text/phone on 07971 880031 More details...



The auditions are to be held on the 21st July at 1900hrs in the bar at the Maddermarket.
If unable to attend please express your interest and we will try to arrange another time for you.
There are two male parts playing age from late twenties to early forties and four female roles, playing ages for three will be around early twenties to mid thirties and for the fourth it could be almost any age over thirty. 
This is an original sixties farce and demands an immense amount of effort and concentration with precision timing. All the characters will require accents, the men American, the maid French and each of the stewardesses will be either Italian, German or American so please bring your best accent to the audition.
We are looking for a dedicated and motivated team to develop this extremely funny production and I anticipate some extremely funny rehearsals.
The play opens 22nd January 2014. Rehearsals will start on or around 1st December for five nights a week. We look forward to seeing you at auditions.